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Italian Neutering Trip - Feb 2013

Everyone has returned from a fantastic trip to Alghero.  To see the full picture set visit here: 

Italian Neutering Trip - Feb 2013


Italian Neutering Trip - Day 0
The van set of yesterday afternoon full loaded with supplies for Italy. Silvana and the volunteers will be making their way to Sardinia starting tomorrow. There was a big sigh of relief today as Silvana was cleared to fly by her doctor after a nasty cat bite got infected! We are hoping for updates as the week progresses.

Italian Neutering Trip - Day 1/2
Not much news other than speaking to Silvana as the van was being loaded yesterday with cats and dogs. Pretty stressful I think. The van should be on its was back now and is being met in Calais by volunteers. Hopefully all is well so far.

Italian Neutering Trip - Day 5
15 cats and 2 dogs arrived safely in the UK yesterday evening ahead of schedule. The 18 hour ferry crossing was followed by a continuous drive from Marseille to Calais where the van was met as there is a crossing restriction of 1 adult to 5 animals. They made a ferry yesterday evening (instead of this morning) and are now all in quarantine for 21 days. 
They were 1 cat short who took offence to being neutered and set up camp in Silvana's chimney and hence missed his ride.
Thanks to everyone involved. Good homes needed for our Italian immigrants.

Italian Neutering Trip - Day 6
Well the moment we landed it was all stations go ! 
Preparing for the cats and dogs to leave was very stressful! We had to get the right cats in the right cages ! Name tags ! Sedate dogs as they have never been in a car before. We had a register like school children! 
Joseph and David arrived on the same day as we did. They drove for two days to get here. They stayed a couple of nights then left with all the animals making sure to update me!! 
Thank you so so much both of you!!
Left was Lauren, vet nurse from Foxgrove, her boyfriend Andy and Ewa who I homed a lovely cat to a few years ago.
Lauren was fantastic as she was not scared to medicate, grab ferals to get to vets, it was so much easier. I had had another very bad bite on the first day by a tiny black female!! This caused my hand to swell up like a balloon and me to have to get another course of antibiotics. 
We have managed so far to neuter approx 20 cats and a few more days to go!:)
Big big thank you to Lauren and Andy!!!
Many cats have been de-flea'd and wormed too!

Italian Neutering Trip - Day 6 - 2
All the dogs and cats are doing well at the Animal Inn Dover where Gill and her team are looking after them so well. Many thanks to them.

Italian Neutering Trip - Day 7
Funny story from Silvana. Well sort of funny and a bit sad. She has been focusing on catching and neutering the cats in Fertilia, a small cat community which has been increasing in size. Also the circus is in town, and a group has been protesting about their use of animals, a group including Silvana. 
So apparently Silvana was approached by a group of local people who thought she was catching the cats to feed them to the lions at the circus!

Italian Neutering Trip - Day 7 / 2
Silvana has now neutered a total of 25 cats. 3 more hopefully today. On the down side she has received 2 more bites so total of 4 now! One happened at the vets where one feral had escaped and no-one would catch it. Also caught a male who has a very bad mouth problem.

Italian Neutering Trip - Done
Silvana landed back in the UK on Thursday; tired; but having achieved a lot on this trip. Special thanks again to Ewa, Lauren and Andy for all their efforts. 30 cats have been neutered and many sick cats have been medicated as well. So many kittens will not be born to a short uncared for life. The next neutering trip will probably be June (although Silvana will be out there at Easter).

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