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Tribute To Lucky

Ever since we have been volunteering at Romney House, Lucky has been a member of the outdoor cat community.  Despite being an outdoor cat he loved people; he would always come over for a treat; he loved chicken, ham and crunching snacks.  But more than anything else he loved to be made a fuss of, to be stroked and petted.  He went into almost a trance when being petted, purring all the time.

We always considered him to be the 'old man' of the group, although according to Silvana he wasn't actually that old.

Sadly he became quite ill recently and was clearly suffering.  Silvana looked after him at the house for a few days giving him constant attention which he loved, but decided on Monday that it was kinder to let him go and so he was put to sleep.

Lucky we will miss you each time we visit.

Mark, Pauline and Christina.

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