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Join Our 100 Club

It’s a great, simple way for you to support the cats in our care while having a bit of a flutter yourself! 


 Each month, on the last calendar Saturday:

·        There will be a draw for 50% of the income. 

·        This amount will be divided between 3 lucky winners


·        Club membership will be £5 per number, per month

·        So if we have 100 members, the income for that month will be £500

·        50% will be used as the prize fund e.g. £250 split into 3 prizes

·        The 1st prize will be £125 (if 100 members)

·        The 2nd prize will be £75 (if 100 members)

·        The 3rd prize will be £50 (if 100 members)

·        You may buy more than one number

·        The more people who buy a number – the higher the prize money!

INTERESTED?  Contact SHARON to indicate your interest.  

Email:; mobile call or text: 07739-562492

We will send you (by email, or post) a 100 Club Application Form.

Return your completed application form to us, together with your payment*.  We will be in touch to let you know your number(s), which will stay the same for the length of your membership.

If you have a ‘lucky’ number, you can ask for it to be allocated to you.  If not already used by someone else, that’s fine!  If you don’t request a specific number, we will allocate a random number to you.



Go into Charity Checkout, and make 1 payment of £60 per number for the year), or set up a regular payment for £5 per number, per month. 


Download and complete a standing order form from the website.  If you prefer, we can post a form to you.


Alternatively, to take out a yearly subscription, you can post a cheque for £60 per number (made payable to Romney House Cat Rescue) to: Silvana Locke, Romney House, Luxted Road, Downe, Kent BR6 7JX. 

As soon as payment has been received, your number(s) will become eligible to take part in the next monthly draw.

Romney House Cat Rescue – 100 Club Rules ‘19

1. The object of the Club is to raise funds for Romney House Cat Rescue (RHCR), located at Romney House, Luxted Road, Downe, Kent BR6 7JX (Reg.Charity Number 1122119)

2. The Club will be run under the supervision of the Trustees of RHCR

3. The Club is open to all supporters of RHCR, their family and friends

4. Members must be 16 or over

5. Members must fill in an application form

6. Entry will be by subscription of £5 per number per month, paid in advance.  You can send us several months’ worth of contributions in one go, if this is more convenient.

7. Payment must be received by the first of each month, to qualify for that month’s draw

8. Minimum length of membership is 1 year (12 monthly draws)

9. Members may have more than one number

10. New members will be admitted when numbers become available.  A waiting list will be kept and numbers will be offered to the first person on the list.

11. The draw will be monthly, on the last Saturday of each month

12. Winners will be contacted personally, and names will be posted 1) on our Facebook page and 2) in the Romney House Cat Rescue Charity Shop, 93 Queensway, Petts Wood, Kent BR5 1DQ, 3) in our regular newsletter

13. The regular monthly prize fund will be 50% of the monthly income.  There will be 3 prizes:

1st prize = 50% of monthly prize fund (£125 if 100 members)

2nd prize = 30% of the monthly prize fund (£75 if 100 members)

3rd prize = 20% of the monthly prize fund (£50 if 100 members)

14. If you miss three consecutive contributions, we will assume that you have left the Club

15. If a winner cannot be contacted, the winnings will be retained by RHCR after 6 months.

16. If we wish to close the Club, we will give three months written notice to all active participants.  Any money paid in advance beyond that period will be refunded.

Please inform RHCR of any changes to your details by email to:


email:; call or text message: 07739-562492


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