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A Special Appeal

The Fred Gillam Project

In memory of her father, the late Mr Fred Gillam, Dawn Gillam has very generously donated £3000
in support of our latest project to replace the wooden cat houses at the centre with new PVC
purpose built units.

Born in November 1931, in Peckham South London, Fred and his brother very quickly became
streetwise enjoying their South London upbringing. In order to ensure their safety during WW2
they were evacuated to the Devon countryside where their love for the great outdoors and animals
began. Fred was a keen supporter of many charities and generously supported his daughter Dawn
with her funding raising events in support of animal organisations.
Approximately 7 years ago Dawn adopted Tooley, a five year tortoishell female cat, from Romney
House. Tooley required a great deal of attention and patience as she was a very nervous cat.
Despite this Dawn and her husband Barrie persevered and now reap the benefits of having a
wonderful homely cat.

In 1959 with housing being scarce Fred founded a self build group. They purchased plots of land
and collectively built the homes they needed until all members of the group owned their own home.
Three of these still remain in Tatsfield today. This community spirit was the foundation of how Fred
lived his life, a quality that has since been passed down to his daughter, Dawn.
Dawn contacted Silvana in August wishing to pledge a donation in memory of her father to support
the work carried out at Romney House. She was at that time unaware of the project planned
to replace the existing wooden cat houses which badly need replacing with modern, hygienic,
PVC ones. What could be a more fitting tribute to Fred than to continue with his self build group
legacy through a donation by Dawn in support of this new project. Once the project is completed
the cats will enjoy the benefit of Fred's labours and a plaque in his memory will be
displayed in recognition of his charitable spirit.

In addition, Dawn's employers, Scotia Gas Networks, have generously donated a further £500 from
their "Into Action" fund. Scotia Gas Networks own and operate two of the largest gas distribution
networks in the UK, (Southern Gas Networks and Scotland Gas Networks) and yearly donate
thousands of pounds in support of their employees' charitable and community projects.
We have also been helped by Animal Friends Insurance who recently donated £2000 after Romney
House was included in a public vote on their website.

We are extremely grateful for these generous donations which will enable us to initially launch this
project. However the total cost will be in the region of £20,000 and we would welcome donations
from other well wishers who feel they could support this project.

Donations can be made by paypal via the wedsite or by
cheque payable to Romney House Cat Rescue at Romney House, Luxted Road, Downe, BR6 7JX

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