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Silvana Valentino Locke lives in Downe - Kent, but she originally comes from Naples. Her Italian familly home is on the island of Sardinia, where large feral cat populations can be found. Running Romney House Cat Rescue in Kent, is a full time & stressful job. Instead of relaxing in the sun during her trips back to Italy, Silvana actively searches out more suffering soles in need of her help.

"SOS Sardinia" is a project which aims to neuter & spay feral cats in order to limit & ultimately decrease colony sizes. The sick & injured are treated & regular feeding programmes are organised using local people who care. 

Neutering & spaying can halt population growth, & fewer feral predators being born can only benefit wildlife. Regular feeding will prevent hunger & hunting, trap neuter & release schemes also aid conservation. Culling has been proven to create vacuums, which soon re-fill with roaming individuals who discover a new space in which to survive. 

Take a look at the difficulties & the joys of the Italian Job...

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